Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Email Where It All Begins

Hola! Greetings from the Provo MTC!

Today is finally my P-Day, or preparation day, where I get to finally write emails, do laundry, and go to the temple. It definitely was needed. I miss all my family and friends and hope you are all doing well! I am glad I am here and doing the Lord's work.

Nametag Picture!
Needless to say, my first few days here were quite interesting. My companion, Elder Salmon, a quiet guy from Idaho, has Ulcerative Colitis, which is very similar to Crohn's. Interesting that we got matched up! Elder Salmon had one meal at the MTC, and later that night was in so much pain that he needed to go to the hospital, so I went with him. Apparently, his intestines knotted where he had some scar tissue from previous surgeries, which is pretty serious. I spent the first night with him at the hospital, and the next morning he went into surgery. The first few days of worrying about him and 43 hours of no sleep was definitely tough. Elder Salmon is still in the hospital, so please keep him in your thoughts/prayers. He's a great guy.

The MTC food definitely is something else. Jeremiah 4:19 pretty much sums up how 90% of the missionaries feel when eating the food. I'd definitely look it up if you want a laugh haha.

This place is definitely a culture change. I don't think I've ever been around this many Mormon people for this long before. It took a little getting used to. But the people are a blast and some of the islanders can be so funny. My district has 8 Elders and 3 Sisters, and all of them are a blast. We are all serving Spanish speaking missionaries within the states, with three of us serving in Baltimore, two in Houston, two in Boston, and the sisters serving in Arkansas, Iowa, and San Diego. Who thought Spanish would be so widespread within the US.

Speaking of that, the Spanish is coming along! Understanding is definitely easier than speaking. However we've already started teaching in Spanish and its been so much fun. Can't wait to get better and better. The "Gift of Tongues" is definitely real.

Cousins at the MTC! From left to right: Elder Crockett, Elder Ball, Elder Call
It's been fun to see my cousins, Adam and Connor, who arrived the same day I did. I've seen both of them quite a lot at meals, and they both look like they're doing well! It was also fun to see Sister Sheantala Abello around too! All three are fantastic people and will make great missionaries in Guam, Orlando, and Nampa Idaho respectively. They will all leave before me, and I will definitely miss them.

The MTC had the chance to hear/sing with the Nashville Tribute Band. What an experience. I'm usually not a huge fan of gospel/country, but they are so talented and the spirit was so strong when they played. We also got to hear from Elder Echo Hawk of the Seventy on Tuesday. He had a very inspiring story as a convert to the church.

I'm so glad that I am here. There is a feeling within me of peace and I know I am supposed to be here doing this work. It is definitely a lot of work, and hard studying, but I am glad I am here doing it. I already feel blessed in so many different ways, and I know that I am doing God's will by sharing his restored Gospel.

Don't forget to write me letters amigos! I definitely want to hear from all of you, and my email time is limited, so you can write me letters! Yes, physical letters!!!! They still exist haha. I'll respond to every one.

My address is:
Elder Thomas Crockett Ball
2007 N 900 E Unit 60
Provo UT 84602

I love you all and I cant wait to hear from you!

Hasta luego!

Elder Ball

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