Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Email Where I Prepare For The East Coast Hype

Hey everyone!

Wow, the time has really flown by so fast! I have been here for over 5 weeks, and it's just about time for me to leave! I fly out of Salt Lake City on Tuesday the 22nd around 8ish, and I get into Baltimore around 3:25 PM. I'm not sure when I will write next, but it might be around the 28th. I'll be assigned to an area within the Baltimore mission, which extends from Baltimore and parts of the  coast to Maryland all the way to the rural farms of Virginia/West Virginia/Pennsylvania. So there's good chance that I could end up in the middle of nowhere for my first area. But I am so excited, and I know that I will have a purpose wherever I am assigned because God has a plan for me. One of the big things that I have learned in the MTC is to just trust in God and completely submit yourself to Him and His will. You all know me pretty well, so you know I can be pretty stubborn/stupid at times, so it was sort of hard at first to completely allow myself to fully trust my life into the hands of God. But during my time at the MTC I've worked hard to allow God to "mold me" into the missionary that I'm supposed to be, and I've really seen the blessings that have and will come from me submitting myself to His will and plan for me.

MTC District

The Spanish is coming along! It's gotten to the point where I can read pretty well, and my reading comprehension and pronunciation is getting a lot better. However, listening and speaking with consistency and being able to summon the verbs and conjugations that I need still needs a lot of work, but I know that will all come with time/practice.

Just real quick, it was awesome to hear that Marcus Mariota had a great debut in the NFL! It was such a blast and pleasure to watch him play in college at the University of Oregon. I still love my Ducks and am so happy that I went there for my first year of college!

Well that's about it! I would probably suggest not to put any letters for me in the mail now, because by the time they get here I might already be gone. But when I write again I will give my next address and you can send me letters there!

I love you all, and I know that God loves every single one of you so much. I know that his son, Jesus Christ, came to earth and died for us, so that through his Atonement when can repent and overcome any mistakes that we have faced/will face in our lives. John 3:16-17 just really puts it simply. I love you all, and I love to hear from each and every one of you.

God Bless and Go Ducks,

Elder Ball

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